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  • Breitmaier, Efficiently Studying Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition


Joe Schwarz Langschaftstiefel Black Browns B Premium EU Leather Boots Damen 39 Rider BB0Yrxq

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Boots EU Joe Leather B Black Browns Premium 39 Rider Langschaftstiefel Damen Schwarz Study the essentials of organic chemistry efficiently! This e-book for bachelor and master students facilitates effective learning and is renowned for the quality of its content:

  • 85 short chapters present each topic in a concise manner.
  • Questions at the end of each unit support effective self-examination.
  • Studying can be limited to individual chapters to match specific university curricula.

Based on the author’s long teaching experience, this book has been developed from lecture scripts of courses held in the USA and in Germany. It comprises the molecular orbital model to explain covalent bonding in organic molecules, the classes of organic compounds including natural products, polymers and biopolymers, basic concepts (orbital hybridization, resonance, aromaticity), types and mechanisms of organic reactions, and essential aspects of molecular structure such as atom connectivities, skeletal isomerism, conformation, configuration and chirality. The revised 2nd edition includes 4 new chapters on Selectivity and Specificity of Organic Reactions, Planning Organic Syntheses, Carbon-13 NMR, and two-dimensional NMR.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Concise textbook for students
  • Efficient learning of organic chemistry
  • Each short chapter shows important knowledge at a glance
  • Additional questions within each chapter allow self-examination
  • Renowned author with vast teaching experience in the US and Germany
  • Useful hints for beginners, e.g. “How to draw a structure”

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